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Over th e years i have accumulated many pictures of original Stainer violins .I have also collected numerous solos performed with Original stainer violins .I have decided that these instruments should be made available to Stainer enthusiasts who may never get to hear or see these magnificent instruments by Jacobus Stainer.
I have compiled 2 digitally mastered cd`s.One of 50 images of Stainers Violins made during his life time .Included are 25 colored and 25 black and white Photographs .  
The accompaning CD consists of   16 tracks of Baroque music played with original Stainer Instruments .The Viols ,Violins and Gamba used in the music are included in the images disc ,
I am offering this unique collection for the low price of   $34.98  USD                             This collection is unique and not found any where else but here
To receive your 2 disc collectors edition contact stainerjacobus@gmail.com